Transform your culture with AI-Powered DEI Coaching

The most powerful AI-powered coaching platform for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Backed by world-leading DEI experts and customized for your organization.

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Why use Equalicert? 

Increase Self-Awareness of Employees 

Employees will identify patterns in their interactions. Weekly insights and meeting real-time feedback help 

Improve Your Workplace Culture 

Improve interactions among employees with intelligent coaching. Subtle and private, the nudges are helpful for driving real change. 

Ensure Equity of Pay 

Pay inequities are often unintentional. They develop over time. Avoid unfairness by detecting patterns in your compensation data automatically.

Attract Diverse Candidates 

Share your company's DEI story with data and visuals. Earn an Equalicert badge to use in your employer branding.

Build a Strong DEI Strategy 

Data is the backbone of all strategies. All Equalicert to help your C-level get visibility, and partner to create a plan.

Retain Employees 

Create a culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Watch your employee churn decrease.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your systems (HR management system and meeting software) 
  2. Ask employees to install the meeting add-on 
  3. Start getting insights with powerful coaching and real-time feedback! 

What do you get?


  Self-Assess your company's strengths and areas of opportunity using our full 360 degree assessment developed by experts

  Collaborate with colleagues on our platform to collect documents and conduct the assessment 

  Chart your path forward if you are on your DEI journey, or just getting started


  Understand how you stack up against industry standards and peers

Set goals for improvement 

Track improvements over time and share results with employees and all stakeholders



  Build a strategic plan to meet your company's needs 

  Access the best distilled DEI wisdom from experts in our Practitioner Articles

  Get insightful ideas and practical guides to help you achieve your diversity and inclusion goals


  Uncover patterns in promotions, employee experience, psychological safety and micro aggressions

  Predict employee churn and take action to prevent it

Discover warning signs before you encounter larger problems



This is a tool enables you to 

  • measure speaking time by participant in virtual meetings
  • track interruptions 
  • count lengthy monologues  

Measure differences by gender in individual meetings, and across your organization. 

Plug this data into your Equalicert all-in-one data dashboard to enrich your data understanding of your organization. 

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